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Which goods are prohibited?

In accordance with the Law of the General Taxes of Import and Export, the following products are prohibited for the import and/or export:
  • Alive predator fish, in their states of young fish, youthful and adult.
  • Totoaba, fresh or cooled (fish).
  • Frozen Totoaba (fish).
  • Turtle eggs or any class.
  • Poppy seeds (Narcotic).
  • Flour of poppy seeds (Narcotic).
  • Seeds and spores of marijuana (Cannabis indica), even though when they are mixed with other seeds.
  • Marijuana (Cannabis indica).
  • Juice and extracts of opium, prepared to smoke.
  • Extracts and juice derived from marijuana (Cannabis indica).
  • Mucilage and condensed products derived from the marijuana (Cannabis indica).
  • Stamps or printed transfers in colors or in black and white, displayed for their sale in envelopes or packages, even when they include chewing gum, candies or any other type of articles, containing drawings, figures or illustrations that represent childhood in a degrading or ridiculous way, on attitudes of incitement to violence, to self-destruction or in any other form of antisocial behavior, known like Garbage Pail Kids, for example, printed by any company or commercial denomination.
  • Thallium sulfate.
  • Insecticide (Isodrin or Aldrin).
  • Insecticide (Heptaclor or Drinox).
  • Insecticide (Endrin or Mendrin or Nendrin or Hexadrin).
  • Insecticide (Leptophos).
  • Heroin, base or hydrochloride of diacetylmorphine. 
  • Medication prepared with marijuana (Cannabis indica).
  • Medication prepared with acetylmorphine or of its salts or derivatives.
  • Skins of turtle or doggerhead turtle.
  • Goods that have been declared as archaeological monuments by the Secretariat of Public Education.

For effects of the Customs Law, the import or export of prohibited merchandises is causal so that the customs authorities come to a precautionary distrain from said merchandises and the means of transport. Likewise, it constitutes an infraction related to the import or export of this type of merchandise and is sanctioned with a fine: Therefore, these merchandises happen to be property of the Federal State, regardless of the penal sanctions establishes by the Penal Code.
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